KERAFIX® Flexpan 200 SP

KERAFIX® Flexpan 200 SP is a flexible, intumescent material on the basis of exfoliated graphite that foams up under pressure with thermal influence.

Field of Application

  •   Fire protection doors from steel or aluminium
  •   Constructions with subsequent powder varnishing
  •   Frames, door panels
  •   In drywall construction: Separating wall constructions and double floors


  •  Classification E (normal flammability) according to DIN EN 13501-1
  •  European Technical Assessment ETA-12/0152

Executed Variants

KERAFIX® Flexpan 200 SP without additional lamination
  •   Variant SK: One-sided adhesive
  •   Variant DF: One-sided laminated with PVC-foil in different color