ROKU® Strip

ROKU® Strip is a flexible, intumescent material on the basis of exfoliated graphite that foams up under high pressure with thermal influence. Special features: A pressureresistant foam is created in case of fire.

Field of Application

  •   Fire protection doors from wood, steel or aluminium
  •   Glazing, façades
  •   Safe boxes, safes
  •   In drywall construction: Inspection flaps, separating walls and ceiling constructions
  •   Component grooves, heat insulation elements
  •   Fire protection flaps and cable ducts
  •   Pipe closing systems
  •   Gas stop valves, pneumatic drives


  • The product meets the requirements of R22 / R23 for hazard levels HL1 – HL3 in acc. with DIN EN 45545-2 (02/2016)
DMT PB Nr. 8115860774-20

Product features

  •  Colour: black
  •  Halogen-free
  •  Response is triggered at approx. 190°C
  •  Self-adhesive
  •  Available in various thicknesses

  •   The substrate must be free of contamination.
  •   The adhesive foil serves as an installation aid.